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Yatogami Tohka: Sexy little sister feeding you rice cake!

APEX has ordered a new ver of Yatogami Tohka from Covenant Wars: The Second Coming. She can be placed with the previous Kurumi Tokisaki. The studio will be adding other characters to the New Year’s Team.

The work is 15 cm high. There are low table tea service and cushion for leaning on on tatami. The rice cake in the hand and the unique happy smile have the breath of the New Year.

The matching color of pink cheongsam and white silk stockings is fresh and sexy. A generous kneeling posture can reflect a lovely personality. This is completely different from Kurumi Tokisaki, which is full of glamour.

The tatami of the work can be seamlessly joined with Kurumi’s. The position of one bed and one knee looks very good.

The facial expression is very cute. You can be told by the twinkle in her eyes that she is really happy. She must be feeding New Year’s rice cakes to Wuhe shido.

APEX is very good at the depiction of tight cheongsam. The silhouette of the chest, lower abdomen and navel can still be clearly seen through the clothes! White legs and silk stockings are also highlights.

In the back view, the feet of the white stockings are delicately folded. What cute little feet she has!

The two tatami in the scene can also be separated. Low tables and pillows can also be moved. Add three two tatami of Kurumi, a total of 4 pieces can be combined at will.

Purchase during booking period will receive a special 50x30cm original painting.

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