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What’s the difference between GK figures to others? Does GK been authorized?

GK is the abbreviation of Garage Kits/ガレージキット usually means the original figures made by the designer. The main material is the resin which material can perfectly present the details. So statues made with this material have become the player’s preference.

The other figures – PVC figures, which are made of PVC or ABS, the material which is used frequently in daily such as water pipe, easy to plasticity is the pro, while going to bending and oil off is the con.

Most GK statues are unauthorized while few got authorized. PVC figures usually come out from formal manufacturers that designed with copyright, The most famous three manufacturers are GSC, Alter, MaxFactory.

Generally, for GK statues, they get more details, and the design of the figure and scene is more exquisite than PVC figures.

If you start collecting GK statues, you may not go back to normal PVC figures.

It’s a PVC figure in the picture。
Pon: been authorized, strong OEM, fine detail with good quality and reasonable price, $100-500.
Con: long production time,2-6 months.

It’s a GK figure from the personal designer in the picture
Polystone Resin is used more often in the GK figures.

It’s authorized statue in the picture
Usually needs 6 months to production and it’s limited.

It is an unauthorized-made GK in the picture.

It’s personal work from a famous designer.

The attractive point of GK statues is a unique prototype, overall atmosphere, and limitation.

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