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Ultraman Tiga: There are not only two shapes but also sound and light effects.

MegaHouse’s UA collection has recently opened an order for Ultraman Tiga. The work is 40 cm high and the shape is very handsome. It has sound and light effects. The timer on the chest can blink or be lit for a long time. There are two classic poses for switching.

The first edition of Tiga was released in March last year. The fact that it was republished a year later shows its popularity! The first pose is the classic pose of ready for battle . The pressing posture and large scale make the work very nice.

The large scale allows the folds of the leather to be delicately displayed. Realistic leather covers for shoulders, hips and ankles. From the positive perspective, the glorious shape full of sense of justice is exciting.

The perfect head carving, clenched fist and confident shape are the highlights of the work. In the close-up, we can see the cutting details on the eyes and the chest timer.

Twenty-five years ago, actor Syunsuke Gondo showed off nice poses. A simple combat pose, but conveys a powerful power and a glorious image full of justice.

In addition to the long-time blue light, the timer on Deja’s chest can also be switched to flashing red. With 30 seconds of urgent sound effects, the production can reproduce the tension of the film.

In the back view, solid leg and hip muscles, and the details of the folds at the knees and ankles of the holster are also very realistic

By replacing the arm, the work can be switched to the classic light emitting gesture.

With the sound effect on the base, the work can restore the original sound effect in the film!

There are two alternative logo stickers on the base of this Ultraman Tiga. Next to the stickers, there is a switch for sound and light effects. As the 25th anniversary work of Ultraman Tiga, it is well worth collecting!

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