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The work reproduces all 5 kinds of changes of red iron broken tooth!

Dark King studio is opening an order for 1/6 Inuyasha of Collection today, the work is equipped with two head sculpts and 5 replaceable knives! The work is also matched with 4 knife holders. Players can switch the modelling at will.

The work is 40 cm high. Standing on a rock in a red robe waving iron broken tooth is very handsome. At the first sight of the work, I had the excitement of binge-watch!

The shape of the work looks powerful. The dramatic lunge, the hands back and forth, the flowing white hair and the giant blade make the pose visually striking without much context.

The facial expression makes the work very lively. He has handsome features and a confident smile. The expression of the work and the exaggerated gesture are a perfect match.

In addition to his normal expression, the work also has a rogue replacement. Bloodshot eyes and exposed teeth that can let people feel the strong pressure of evil gradually over human nature.

Although the platform scene does not have any special effects of exploding, but desolate and eerie atmosphere is created in place. Twisted dead trees, scattered clusters of arrows and skeletons that in the style of monster scrolls of Edo Era.

In addition to the Inuyasha, it comes with five weapons. The weapons include iron broken tooth、red iron broken tooth、kongou sou ha iron broken tooth、dragon scale iron broken tooth、meidou iron broken tooth! And it is equipped with 4 Monster Hand Knife Holders, So additional weapons can be displayed separately.

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