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The work comes with replaceable body and 1/1 small crown!

ILL Workshop has teamed up with paint artist Shikakawa to create a new work of the Bojjii and Kage on the throne of Ranking of Kings.It limited the quantity of 199. It not only comes with a replaceable body, but also comes with a small 1/1 crown.

The work is 25 cm high. The modelling is from the poster when the animation was officially released. The work faithfully recreates the throne, candlestick and red carpet steps in the poster. It’s lovely and dignified.

There are two alternatives modelling in this creation. In addition to the nude version, there is also a more serious dressed version.

Kage, with his thumb up, was the finishing touch. The touch of Kage and Bojji’s fingers was warm and lovely.

The Bojji in the scene can be removed. The texture of the throne painted by stone is very nice.

In addition to the main body, a special 1/1 small crown will be the gift at this ordered time! It can not only be held in the hand, but also worn on the head.

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