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The Mummy: A classic arcade game-01!

Toys Evolution studios opened an order for a new product today. The shape was inspired by Mummy of Captain Commando the classic arcade game-01! The four main characters will appear in turn! The studio will even release the BOSS character.

The statue is 19 cm wide and 14 cm high. He was in an aggressive position with two knives. The tall, thin figure with bandages restored the game’s shape.

Although the mummy is thin, the muscles on his body are very obvious. Full of strength in the arms and upper body. The expression of the work is also vividly depicted.

Both the blade and the bandage on the Mummy’s body show details of blood seeping out. The depiction is very delicate. The studio did a lot of work and added a lot of details that weren’t in the game!

The feeling of muscle tension is intense. The tension and power of the dagger in the hand can be clearly felt from the picture.

In the back view, the reverse brim of hat and the flowing cloth at the back of the head are very cool. The two fingers on the right hand are also very nice!

Rectangular platform is splicing design. On the ground is a classic equipment in the game – a shoulder-mounted rocket launcher. The blood was very well drawn.

The Mummy can be paired with a later BOSS character in a face-off pose. As a granddaddy arcade game with such a sophisticated design, I can feel the studio’s enthusiasm!

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