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The Most Cost-effective Transformed Mobile Suit Girl!

Last night, Big Firebird released a set of official images for the first time since the CG images of MOOKA of EX series had opened an order. Sexy figure is more brighter than the previous work milkshake. There are still a small number of orders for works!

It is made of alloy material and is 18 cm tall. The black metal finish is perfect with the Burgundy finish. Integral match color is handsome and charming.

The theme of the work is racing girl. Mooka’s weapon is a lance looked like sunshade umbrella. Long, sharp shape looks beautiful in the hand.

As a shape-shifting Machine, Mooka’s racing backpack behind was made into wings similar to the model of airplane by studio! Streamlined wings can be angled. The effect of the wings spread out is gorgeous.

The wings at the back can also be removed for use as hemlines. The design was inspired by Toshiya’s robot collection. And the actual effect is very good.

Like the milkshake, this work comes with a soft breast replacement. When we play, we can feel the pressing feeling full of fun.

The backpack can be disassembled directly. A no-frills look is the perfect way to show off a sexy figure. Work can be placed in a variety of attractive shapes.

The mobility of the crotch is amazing. Graceful leg line is better than any garage kits of beautiful girl. She can be said to be the work let me most want to buy!

In addition to the lance, there are two shields, two-handed swords and a hand cannon. The work comes with a variety of racing-style stickers that can be applied to Mooka’s body.

This work can also be changed into a bunny girl! Silvery white neat bang and movable rabbit ear are very novel collocation.

Bunny girl can also be decorated with bows on their backs! Integral modelling tie-in red high-heeled shoes has allure extremely.

The shape of racing car is also worth to look. The streamlined exterior is perfect. All black painting after deformation. Bright red decorative lines are also very cool!

Exaggerated air intake and headlights are very nice! The overall form is more perfect than the previous work.

According to the brand, the finish of the work is special gloss painting. In different light, it can present different color texture.

In addition to the above highlights, this work is also attached to a channel special connector of weapon. It can combine two swords into a two-headed lance!

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