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The moment he lifted the Spark lens, he became light!

After the launch of koseidon and director Gedemizzaki, VTSTOYS yesterday opened an order for a 12 inch garage kit of classic Madoka Daigo from Ultraman Tiga! There are Spark lens, helmet, victory hypa gun and other accessories. The collection edition added LED light column platform.

Madoka Daigo wears a GUTS uniform. Neat costume and handsome head carving are perfect reduction of the look in teleplay. It is very cool to display the work together with Tiga of various shape.

Compared to the close-up in the teleplay, VTSTOYS ‘head carving is very vivid! Eyes full of righteousness, handsome facial features portrayed very delicate that makes the overall a feeling of handsome and full of power.

The uniform is emblazoned with the word “DAIGO” on the back. According to the brand introduction, clothing made of special materials. It has far longer shelf life, strength and toughness than similar products. You can have fun with it.

VTSTOYS made helmets that can be restored to two shapes and fit perfectly with the head sculpture. It’s one of the hallmarks of GUTS.

Madoka Daigo looks even better with his helmet on. The eyes under the mask are more calm and handsome!

Another important props Spark lens is the highlight of the work. It’s a perfect transformation pose with Spark lens!

Spark lens is an design that can be open and close. Transparent parts and pattern coating of handle are very delicate.

Accessories also include a rocky Spark lens, a Victory Hypa gun and five bullets.

The gun usually fits in a holster on the side of the right leg. The communicators on both sides of the belt can also be removed and opened.

When the cover of the communicator is opened, you can see the coating details inside. The display contents of the two communicators’ panels are different.

The standard edition comes with a flute and photos of the players. The cost performance is very high.

The collection edition comes with a light-pillar platform inscribed with the words Heir of Light! When lit, the effect is super gorgeous. It’s very nice when placed with the character.

Standing in the center of the light column and holding the Spark lens is very handsome! We must believe in the light in this moment!

The light columns on the platform and the rock wear of the ancient ruins have perfect texture.

The collection edition also adds two kits of hypa rifle. They can be spliced together with a hypa gun to make a handsome rifle.

The black Spark lens which contains the dark power is also unique to the Collection edition. Madoka Daigo can rely on it to transform into dark Tiga.

The collection edition also comes with a Yullian holographic projection device. It should be able to glow. It’s very technological when it’s lit up.

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