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The garage kit is 1/12 scale and wear real black stockings!

LYNXPULSE opened an order for 1/12 Emilia of Pocket Art collection today. The work is made of cloth and has 3 face carvings. Not only is she playable, but she also wears real black silk!

The modelling design of the work is classic. Military coats, short skirts and high heels are standard. But 1/12 products are rare. The design of the cloth makes it almost impossible to see any joints. The visual perception is very nice.

Unlike the previous Cerberus, this Emilia doesn’t use ferrite with encapsulation due to allow for more coverage of clothes. So she has a slimmer figure.

 The stacked detail on the legs is great. As you can see from the official picture, the cloth is light and fits well.

She has a sniper rifle and a dagger in her ankle. A steampunk-style backpack was attached to the back

There are three kinds of face carving: serious face, shy face and mask face. The mask is a steampunk look and can be paired with the backpack!

This backpack is actually carried, not the usual back socket mount.

After taking off the coat, there are sexy lace tulle skirts and strapless! Cool dress and Cerberus belong to the same collection. They can be placed together.

The girl with the coat off is also very handsome. The exquisite fabric cut and rich expression make this work very worth looking forward to!

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