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The first work of P1S that enters the field of garage kits!

P1S recently launched a new line called “PRISMA WING.” It intends to officially enter the world of proportional garage kits! The series released heavyweight IP works such as Date A Live, Fate kaleid liner, Jobless Reincarnation, takt op.Destiny, Sword Art Online. Today, let’s take a look at PRISMAWING’s first work — Hatsune Miku.

The work is modeled from Lack’s original painting. In addition to Hatsune, Kagamine, Kaito and Meiko are also planned.

The work is 1/7 scale and 19 cm high. The shape sitting on the transparent wine cabinet has a rare maturity. This model and modern casual dress are very nice.

Lack’s face carving of Hatsune is very distinctive. She’s less girlish, but more mature. Her features and expressions were delicate and beautiful. The smile is confident and steady.

Although it is still a blue ponytail, but there is mature temperament between the eyebrows.

The mature Hatsune’s dress is more simple and down-to-earth than the colorful girl look. Hoodies and scarves are common styles. But miku elements are added to the colors.

The look is very quiet, with the exception of the techno triangle print on the hoodie and skirt.

Hatsune’s wine cabinet is transparent and windowable on three sides. The wine cabinet is full of foreign wines. The orange and black combination has been teased to look like a 3D printer. But this is also the original design.

The wine cabinet on the base is designed to open the door. Inside large and small bottles and labels are exquisite.

Pre-order this piece at “Just Toys” and receive an exclusive Lack original card. It is not only beautiful but also more collection significance when placed together with the garage kit.

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