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The first Tekkaman on the market to wear war-damaged armor!

SKY X STUDIO has opened an order for Tekkaman with licensed version of Tekkaman Blade. Not only is it made of alloy, but for the first time it comes with an interchangeable suit of war-damaged armor.

The work is 18 cm high. The shape design strengthens the size of shoulder armor. The antennae on the head of the work were elongated, and the waist is more streamlined. These small adjustments make the work more perfect.

Tekkamans’s iron bladed gun have been strengthened on both sides to make them look more dramatic and intimidating.

It can be seen from the official picture that the mobility of this work is up to the standard. He can strike a perfect leap or kneel.

The left hand can be equipped with a shield. A flying arrow can also be shot from the shield.

The dual particle shell of shoulder can also be deployed, and it has built-in LEDS!

One of the highlights of the work is that it comes with an extra suit of war-damaged armor. The entire upper body, knees and feet are visibly damaged!

The armor of left and right shoulder has different shapes. Half of the antenna was damaged on one side.

After replacing the replacement, this work immediately has a scarred and damaged beauty after the war. And this is the only war damaged design on the market, he can be said to be a very classic work.

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