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The first movable garage kit from the originator of 3D fighting games!

Storm Collectibles has opened an order for 1/12 Akira Yuki of Virtue Fighter 5 today.This is the originator of the 3D fighting games, so it is worthy to collect.

The martial arts clothing are similar to Ryu of Street Fighter. The clothes have rough texture and wrinkles. The black belt bears the words of Akira Yuki MartialClu and Akira Yuki

The Storm features strong arms and chest muscles. There are blue veins popping up in his arms.

The broad shoulders and thighs are characteristic of martial artists. But the headband at the back of the head doesn’t feel like fabric flapping, so it looks rigid.

The clothing is made of soft glue and does not interfere with mobility. All kinds of Baji pose can be placed in place!

If you have Storm’s Street Fighter or King of Fighters series, it’s perfect to have characters from different games fight each other! This year Storm will release two new series, Baki and Asura, which are by far the best movable garage kit in the genre.

In addition to its normal face, Akira Yuki also has two headsculptures with Shouting faces. The expression is very vivid and full of power.

The opening and eye movements of the two shouting headsculptures are different. I personally prefer the more dramatic one on the right.

The only accessory is a special effect piece for boxing explosion. This special effect piece looks ordinary on its own, but it would be nice to use in modelling of battle.

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