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Tall elegant Y’shtola!

SUNBIRD studios yesterday opened an order for a 1/4 statue of the popular Y’shtola from Final Fantasy XIV. It limited the quantity of 99. Beautiful modelling and enchanting expression is portrayed wonderfully.

The statue is 52.5 centimeters high. Pure white robe makes tall body more elegant. The raised ears and bushy tail are very nice.

The inviting style with the cane hanging down and the left hand extended shows the charm of maturity and gentleness. The unique light blue pupil and understanding smile of cats are exquisite.

The cane of Y’shtola is elegant and ornate. The metallic coating is very satisfactory. The arc thrown at the top of the cane is simple and beautiful. There are two amethysts carved in the middle.

Texture details such as fabric and leather can be seen on the robe. The big, fluffy tail on the back is especially cute.

The base with the magic array is very elegant. Its shape and pattern design are very nice. It can set off the introverted temperament of this sculpture very well

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