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She has a sexy body!

Sentinel recently opened an order for a 6 inch doll that is designed by Soni-Ani:Super Sonico the Animation and the Game Taimanin Asgi RPG. Sonico has a sexy figure in her tights. It’s an all age product, but she’s also very sexy!

The work is 14.5cm high. The style is very similar to SecondAxe’s last year’s Igawa Asagi. She has big breasts and black silk stockings.

The work has a total of 5 replacement emoticons and some hand replacements.Unfortunately, the product of Sentinel doesn’t have a mysterious replacement, so it’s not quite as bold as the Second Axe’s products.

Although she can’t be naked, her chest is still sexy. This work can display with Igawa Asagi. And that is also very interesting! Because such product is rare.

She was armed with a Japanese knife and a guitar. There aren’t many accessories, but they’re both the style of ninja and idol.

The guitar also comes with a shoulder strap that can be worn on her back for various performance poses

The back of the work is the essence! High slit tights and plump figure are visually striking.

The shy expression and various poses make me feel that this piece is definitely popular. Gentlemen can certainly think of all kinds of ways to play!

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