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Saddled Ostrich: the handsomest mount for 12 inch!

Animal model brand JXK recently launched a 1/6 ostrich. Animal products are relatively niche. But this ostrich can even have optional saddles. It can also be used as a mount for dolls of 12 inch!

The ostrich is available in black and yellow. At 37 centimeters tall, the figure is a head taller than the normal 12 inch. But that’s a good proportion.

JXK’s styling has always been vivid. The tall and straight figure is beautiful even if placed alone, and has a sense of static power.

The ostrich’s long eyelashes can even be clearly seen! The lines of the rough neck and the shaggy feathers were also vividly carved.

The other is a camel ostrich with a light yellow finish on its neck and feathers. It looks great with the gravel floor under its feet.

Big, strong claws are powerful. The foot scales are also exquisitely painted.

Two big eyes flashing with eyelashes are very lovely! The work is both real and lovely.

Players who want to match 12-inch dolls can opt for the version with saddle.

Not only can the doll walk with an ostrich, he can also pose for a ride! This is the strangest and most handsome 1/6 garage kit I’ve ever seen!

The black ostrich also has a saddle. If two ostriches are placed together, it will have a wandering atmosphere.

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