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“Ram is cute enough as it is. If she becomes lovelier, the world will be in danger!”

Lazydog studio is ordering a new work of RE0 frames today. That is Ram. Works are divided into normal and different color version. She can be fully nude!

Lazydog’s RE0 range was the only previous model of the Rem. And her prices have skyrocketed on the second-hand market. This style of Ram is right in line with her. If you have bought Rem, don’t miss it!

The pose is very sexy. Breast size is large. White silk stockings and exposed toes are also tempting.

The frown and ruby pupil are very endearing that makes me think of that famous line from RE0’s second season: “Ram is cute enough already, and the world would be in danger if he becomes more cute!”

The bra and hemline are detachable. But it’s too realistic to show you here…

In addition to the silver frame version, there is also a gold frame version available. The main body of both is exactly the same. It is the distinction of background and bed only.

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