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  • Authorized statues from original studios.
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Pokemon Anime Statues for Sale

  • QN Studios – Poké Ball Complete Set Anime Statues for Sale
  • Material: Resin
  • Size of Classic Set/New Generation Set: 20 x 15cm Estimated
  • Side Length of Core Crystal Set: 12cm Estimated
  • Bundle: 6.4 x 15 x 40cm Estimated
  • All Poké Balls’ Diameter: 1.6cm Estimated
  • Pokelantis Ball Diameter: 3.2cm Estimated
  • Dynamax Ball Diameter: 3.2cm Estimated
  • Time-Limited
  • Shipping Date: TBD


  • Classic Set : Poké Ball + Great Ball + Ultra Ball + Master Ball + Safari Ball + Mewtwo Ball + Heavy Ball + Moon Ball + Lure Ball + Love Ball + Level Ball + Friend Ball + Park Ball + Fast Ball + Lake Ball + Anime Ver. Park Ball + GS Ball + M03: Crystal Poke Ball + Dark Ball + Old Ball (No.1-20).
  • New Generation Set : Cherish Ball + Premier Ball + Timer Ball + Heal Ball + Dream Ball + Team Rocket Ball + Beast Ball + Quick Ball + Net Ball + Dive Ball + Nest Ball + Dusk Ball + Luxury Ball + Heavy Ball (Arceus) + Poke Ball (Arceus) + Sport Ball + New Sport Ball + Repeat Ball + Annie’s Ball + Strange Poke Ball (No.21-40).
  • Bundle (2-in-1) : Classic Set + New Generation Set + Free Gift : Core Crystal Set + Power Effect Stickers.
  • Core Crystal Set : Pikachu’s Poké Ball + Pokelantis Ball + Dynamax Ball (No.41-43)


Shipping Fee is NOT included in the prices. We will send you the invoice of shipping cost when your order is ready to ship. (Because for limited resin statue, we don’t know its exact weight before it comes out. Your understanding would be appreciated.)


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