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Motoko kusanagi : The beautiful girl has a very nice figure.

MegaHouse recently launched a new product that is Motoko Kusanagi GK Statue of Ghost in the Shell. The beautiful girl has a very nice figure. There are replacement accessories of gun and tactical eyepiece .

Above is a shot of MegaHouse’s Motoko kusanagi 1.0. It was very popular. The sexy figure and the perfect face carving are both amazing.

Version 2.0 has a static stance. The girl’s figure was seductive under a tights and jeans. The refined face also maintained a 1.0 level of excellence.

In order to convey the tightness of the garment, MegaHouse made pleats in many parts of the pants. The shadows are beautifully painted. We can feel the elasticity of jeans. Tights have a leathery sheen. This is different from the texture of the trousers.

The figure of the work is slim. The muscle lines of the calf and upper arm are obviously tight. There are obvious signs of exercise in the arm muscles.

Side view, a sexy piece of white skin protruding from the waist. The delicate buttocks are small and elastic. Its silhouette is even more attractive under the jeans.

From behind, you can see the access socket of the biochemical accessory brain in the neck. The pistol on his waist is also handsome.

Except for the right hand on hips. It can also be replaced with a Sebro C-40 with a large gun.

Delicate facial contours and perfect features are a major feature of the new version. From the level of MegaHouse’s previous 1.0, the 2.0 version of the sculpture is also worth looking forward to.

It also comes with a tactical eyepiece replacement. This makes work more handsome! The 1.0 version is more dynamic, but the 2.0 version with accessories can show a variety of shapes.

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