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Misato Katsuragi: The sheath dress is for grown-ups!

MegaHouse recently ordered a new statue of Misato Katsuragi of the new theatrical version of EVA with the penguin. This is the only garage kit of Misato Katsuragi in two years!

The work is 25 cm high. The design of walking on the steps with penguins has a sense of daily life. Through MegaHouse’s redesign, both Misato Katsuragi and Penguin are closer to their real bodies. This is even better than the animation.

Misato Katsuragi carries a computer in one hand and a red uniform jacket in the other. Wrap buttock short skirt and cool and refreshing jacket are having the sex appeal that belongs to adult. Her sexy are completely differentand from ayanami Rei, Asuka and other girls.

In face carving, MegaHouse gives me a feeling of exceeding level! Exquisite face, decent smile, gentle eyes, high breasts and tight skirts… All of these details are reminiscent of Misato’s adult-like kiss with Shinji.

Compared to animated screenshots, this work is more vivid. The contour of the face is more perfect. Eyelashes are also much longer than in the anime. The silver earrings and the cross on the chest add to the delicacy of the work.

The movement of stepping up the steps stretched Misato’s one-step skirt to its full extent. The tight hem of the skirt and a pair of full slender legs, it is very exciting!

From behind, Misato’s slender waist is beautiful. The perfect curve from waist to hips is very attractive.

In the view of the penguin, the leggings under the dress should also be full of mature allure of black lace style.

The hair detail and flipper paint of penguin are realistic. For the metal steps on the platform, the MegaHouse also use a detailed metal finish. The whole work gives people a clean and crisp, and makes people feel studio’s attention to detail of the visual experience.

Although she is one of the popular heroine, the garage kit of Misato is very few. The last UC version was three years ago. MegaHouse’s new work, not only the face sculpture tight but also has the penguin. Players who like Misato must definitely buy it! Missing this work may have to wait another 3 years.

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