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Mechanical Godzilla : This work is very cost-effective.

Bandai Namco’s BNFigure collection recently released another Godzilla GK Figure! The whole length of work is 33 centimeters, and the price is only 400 yuan. It can be placed alongside the previous godzilla, which must be imposing.

The whole body of the work is painted with metal color, and the texture is very beautiful. The modeling was taken from a 3D model of the movie. The shape is very accurate to the film.

The neat skeletal plate at the back and cube-shaped legs are the most prominent features. Above, you can see the red coating on the ends of each armor.

The mechanical Godzilla of Hollywood version has noticeably thinner thighs than its predecessors. Without the tri’s sturdy and stable underboard, the movement is more flexible. (before the past dynasties machine dragon introduction: ArtSpirits to build mechanical Godzilla: convergence of more than 40 years of 6 generations of machine dragon evolution!)

The works are made of plastic lining and injection molding. Not only is it rich in mechanical detail, but the layers of plate armor covering each other are great! In particular, the leg structure in the image above is almost visually similar to the mechanical hierarchy of the assembled model.

The mechanical details in the front view are also exquisite, while shadow painting is visible to add dimension.

The head is very stylized. The mouth is short, the occlusal muscles are developed, and there are several fang-like structures on the upper and lower parts.

However, because the root of the thigh is thinner and the chest and abdomen are not thick enough, the figure of the positive perspective is thinner. But side view is still very domineering.

The body slightly raising, exposed behind the huge and neat plate armour and long tail. The whole work is very aggressive!

The full side view is the most powerful angle. The richness of the mechanical details and the aesthetic feeling of the shape are very nice. The shape of this piece is wonderful.

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