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Mai Shiranui: Beautiful goddess!

Nova Kid & TUNSHI Studio today opened an order for a 12-inch garage kit from King of Fighters 97 with genuine license — Mai Shiranui. The work have two head carving, paper umbrella, fan with flame special effects . The full figure was vividly carved.

The shape of the work is sexy and beautiful. The body is full and well-proportioned. The depiction of the head carving restores the style of illustration of King of Fighters of Shinkiro. The head carving is beautiful and retro.

The work restores the goddess in my childhood. Compared to the tanned Mai Shiranui from another studio, I think more people like the white goddess!

The classic prop folding fan is a must. In order to better match the shape, this work also has two head carving of serious expression and slant smile expression!

The normal expression of the sculpture is beautiful and gentle. Delicate hair and makeup are retro and beautiful.

The studio is very good at female head carving. Although the expression is serious, the slightly upturned mouth is still smiling. It gives a sense of relaxation.

Another slant smile expression is more vivid. The eye design makes the expression more vivid. Her smile was also more pronounced.

Opened mouth is often difficult to process. If not handled properly, the expression will be stiff. But her smile was natural and lovely. The head carving is very nice!

Various hand shapes make it easy for the works to pose. Fingers are long and delicate, very aesthetic.

In addition to the fan, the oil-paper umbrella she unfolded during the victory was also included for the first time! The handle is decorated with delicate red ropes and tassels.

There is also a folding fan with flame effects. The effect of its spinning burn should come from the MAX unique skill of Mai Shiranui.

But instead of MAX’s triple shot, there’s only one fan with fire. That’s a shame. And I don’t see a separate bracket for the fan… It should be something to hold, not really throw.

Mai Shiranui is the second character in King of Fighters 97 since TUNSHI released Brumarie. These are works with high standard. There’s a small amount of stock of Brumarie is available for booking. We are looking forward to release more popular female fighters such as Shermie, Asamiya Athena, KING and so on!

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