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Luo Tianyi of Music mark : The work is very beautiful.

BLACKRAY, launched Luo Tianyi GK figure of Music mark today. The shape full of dreamlike color is exquisite and beautiful. If t order this work during Double 11, you can also get a special 30x20cm original painting paper.

The work is modeled by the painter TID. Before Luo Tianyi of five dimensional medium and GSAS is also created by the artist. All of these garage kits have a bright spot.

The work is 29 cm high and 41 cm long! In fact, the biggest part of the space is the huge oar behind. Because the work does not restore the scene of the lake and the boat, many players think that Luo Tianyi is holding a big shovel at first sight.

Standing in the hand of the canoe holding the paddle is the full shape. After the production, the boat was removed, but BL ACKRAY also adjusted the color scheme and figure line.

Not only is the look taller, but the blue gradient ribbon and the little dress with the poker element are also more fashionable.

The flying silky long hair and wings behind make ethereal temperament in more obvious. Mauve hair and wings are transparent, so they look beautiful in the light.

The garage kit of the fifth anniversary symphony Ver. of Hatsune Miku, which is very popular at GSC recently, was also designed. The characters in both works are different, but they look like fairies. BLACKRAY is likely to become as strong personality as Myethos. (The fifth anniversary symphony of Hatsune Miku introduction: There is built-in music box with gold foil. This year’s most artistic garage kit of Hatsune!)

Blue-green pupils as clear as crystal with cold expression that makes her look like a lake fairy with cold temperament. White skin and gorgeous gold jewelry are elegant and beautiful. Exquisite painting style is not lost GSC’s symphony Hatsune!

The silky hair that draws countless perfect arcs behind her and the transparent wings behind her add a fairytale dreamlike atmosphere to the work.

The shape of the huge paddle, an important prop, is also unique. Not only is it decorated with ornate glow effects, it is also emblazoned with exaggerated gold heraldry.

In fact, she might have had a long gun in her hand if she hadn’t said it. You’re a Lancer, too!

The lake blue silk is very beautiful and brings out the perfect shape for her slender, tall legs.

The inside of the layered and complicated skirt can be seen to be full of bright and starry details.

European style high-heeled shoes and marbled platform base also have texture. No matter from the overall shape or to the details, this work is full of attractions.

During Double 11, you will get a free 30×20 original painting paper. TID’s painting style is exquisite and beautiful. The effect of painting and garage kit together is very good!

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