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Lady Pinguicula alpina L.: a seductive piece.

Fairy Bean Studio’s Princess of Catchfly collection recently launched a new work of Lady Pinguicula alpina L. She’s still a sexy, insect-eating plant personification. It limited the quantity of 228.

The work is 24 cm high. Among the leaves lies a half-naked beautiful girl. The seductive shape is fragrant and beautiful.

The maiden’s tail lifted upward. A small white flower hung like a chandelier. There are soft leaves underneath. The whole picture is very seductive.

His face was full of intoxication. Compared with the previous works, this one has the most wonderful expression.

Crouching poses create a very attractive waist. A slim waist is the perfect match for the full bust and hips.

The waist line of the inverted arch forms a perfect half arc with the tail. This gives the work a little lightness.

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