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Holiday maid Monica Tesia:

The eyes are glass. Eyelashes are handmade. Breast is silicone material !

Polaris Studios has opened an order for an original design for Monica Tesia, the holiday maid, a 1/4 statue. The whole work is made of PU material. Eyes are made of glass. Eyelashes are planted by hand. The boobs are silicone!

The work is 48 cm high. Classic clothes and sexy body make the work elegant, sexy, cute and attractive.

The work is PU material. Skin texture is very nice. The design of the arm pressing against the chest leaning over the railing is very tempting. The soft and smooth skin on the chest is soft silica gel. This part not only looks round and full, but the soft touch is also super realistic!

The corset is a removable design. I’m not going to show you how that works. It’s both visual and tactile!

For the head sculpture, the studio used glass eyeballs and hand-grown eyelashes, the highest level of the current sculpture. The studio spared no expense in order to perfect the little sister’s vivid eyes.

The glass eyeballs give a real moisturizing effect when exposed to light. Real eyelashes make the eyes more vivid! Delicate face and soft lips are also very attractive.

The brand also offers additional silver hair and black hair accessories as replacements. This is very friendly for players who like white hair.

In the rear view, the straight legs under the hemline are definitely worth seeing! The black lace stockings were exquisitely cut. The stockings is fabric texture . It is not a simple painting.

However, the underwear can not be disassembled, can only be appreciated and imaged.

The brand provided two platform for this piece. In addition to the classic mahogany, there are white and gold embellished marble floors. It has a unique style with silver hair.

The maid’s petticoat is light transparent material. The lightness and beauty under the light is very beautiful.

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