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Handsome knight who is a girl with a 40cm gun !

Recently Max Factory and Aqimasen opened an order for the first work of assembled model series of GODZORDER– Yuri Godbuster. The armor uses a fanciful color design. He’s got a 40cm long lance. The whole look is amazing.

The work is 17 cm high. That’s a very high height for an Assembled Mobile Suit Girl. The girl holding a giant sword and shield looks like a medieval knight. The two eagle head kneepads on the legs with huge wings are very cool.

The e blade of Yuri’s sword is made of transparent material. With the braces, the wings on the legs feel like they’re flying into the sky.

The greatsword can also morph into a 40cm long knight lance. The head is light blue transparent. The morphed gun looks like an extra-long lightsaber.

Lances, shields and braces. The roar of expression and high speed flying posture super cool!

When the gun stands up, it contrasts more sharply with the size of the action figure. This is a 40-meter long gun.

There are three kinds of expression accessories in the work: ordinary, angry and closed eyes. The mask of helmet can be lowered. The whole work matches the dagger to have the style of the orthodox knight.

By changing parts, Yuri can shed her heavy armor and become an ordinary knight. The paladin pattern on the breast, the armour on the sides of her skirt, and the cross of arms on the sides of her white stockings were exquisitely carved.

You can see a tuft of hair at the back of her head! It’s a really interesting look.

At her waist was a dagger that could be drawn out and held in the hand as a weapon of defense.

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