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Gorgeous bridal styling is beautiful!

Figma has released a bridal garage kit of Saber Nero from FGO. Gorgeous costumes and cute expression make people lovely and beautiful. Accessories include a sword Asus sus and a bouquet of white roses.

The work is 15 cm high. Elaborate wedding veil and skirt are more complex styles in the Figma series. The white tunic is nicely painted.

The hip belt covers the joints well. The decoration of wrist and ankle minimizes exposure of joints. The overall aesthetic feeling of the work is quite nice.

The veil and the skirt around the belt are made of transparent gradient material. The gold pattern is gorgeous. Classic buttock modelling is also faithfully reproduced!

Weapon-wise, this sword Asus sus can be held in one or both hands. The body of the sword is decorated with gold thread and gradient painting.

White roses are also available as single or bouquet. Cute or shy expressions show the bride’s unique beauty.

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