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Goku’s First Enemy of Pirate Robot !

The JacksDo today opened an order for a skeleton pirate robot that Goku encountered in the early days of comics Dragon Ball at the Undersea Treasure! The work has two proportions: SHF and HG. He not only hands can move, but also with a prop wooden box.

He is just a small BOSS in the early adventure of Dragon Ball. Still, his look is pretty impressive. The long skull looks a lot like Freeza’s transformation. With a sword and a machine gun in hands. The tail can also be used as a whip to twine enemies.

In the comics, the robot is intelligent and has strong attack and defense. He is a product of ancient civilization. As the site collapsed, the robot was buried deep beneath the ocean floor along with the treasure.

The painting detail of this work by JacksDo is excellent. The skull has crisp and old cracks. The metal paint and scratches on the armor are also very realistic. The overall texture is nice.

LEDs are also built into the robot’s eyes. After being corrected by the studio, the lighting effect is more obvious.

JacksDo also made a hexagonal clamp at the right knuckle of the sword. The right arm has four different angles to adjust. They can reproduce the different movements of the sword from high up to down.

There is also a broken wooden case among the fittings. It can be paired with SHF or other figures. This is a reprise of the scene in the comics where Bulma and his crew hide from robot behind wooden boxes.

The sword of the robot’s right hand can get stuck in the crack of the wooden box to make a shape of cutting the wooden box! The little details of how the props interact with each other are wonderful.

The sword can be taken out of the robot’s hand and inserted directly into the chest! Work with characters of SHF Dragon Ball can be placed in a variety of interesting ways.

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