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Fiora Laurent The Grand Duelist: She has a sharp sword and eyes!

Infinity Studios today opened an order for Fiora Laurent The Grand Duelist from League of Legends. The shape of the work is selected from the new version skin painting of Fiora Laurent The Grand Duelist. It limited the quantity of 699.

The statue is 49 centimeters high. The architectural scene of the Kingdom of Demacia in the original painting is concentrated in the platform. Her handsome posture and sexy legs were beautifully set off by a huge rose in full bloom.

The classic Fiora Laurent The Grand Duelist is very simple. The sculpture focuses on her elegant and powerful silhouette.

Each inch skin is carefully carved. The combination of strength and beauty of the body is attractive, but also a sense of sophisticated fencing.

Contrast the original painting, studio is good at the sculpture of expression and temperament. It has adjusted the contours of the face, which gives a softer expression while retaining a haughty stare.

Viewed from different angles, the facial contour of this work is three-dimensional and soft. This looks great with flowing rose hair! This takes into account the different aesthetic standards of east and West.

A falling rose petal on the sword tip is also from the original painting. This little detail shows her sharp, swift and precise duel fencing.

Petals falling from the steps echo those on the tip of the sword. It also adds to the elegance and romance to the statue.

The studio redesigned the rose window frame in the background. This gives the whole flower a fuller shape. It’s even more beautiful with a luminous background.

The base of the platform is engraved with logo of the League of Legends. The thick texture of stone is very lifelike!

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