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Female Samurai: Black tights and armor are really cool!

WING recently ordered a female Samurai from Artist Neco’s FALSLANDER series. The costume is black tights and samurai armor. The shape of the work is very handsome. Long, slender legs are very tempting.

The work is 25 cm high. The combination of robot and samurai is immediately recognizable as a work of Neco. The cold armor and the samurai sword at her waist are in sharp contrast to the girl’s delicate and delicate body.

The asymmetrical design of the two sides of the costume is also a highlight. Two long knives pinned to her left side. The exaggerated shoulder armor and the handsome skirt are very cool!

The arms are partially covered with armor, and the body is a curvy bodysuit. Modern style tactical strap is very handsome!

The classic red cord on the armor and the modern silver spikes on the sides of the patent-leather wellies collide. This unique and handsome MIX style is the charm of NECO’s works.

The banding on the chest accentuates a sexy bust. WING’s characterization of breast is very accurate. You can also feel the details through the clothes!

The design of mask is also creative. The mask and the armor on the back of the head are connected by a tie, which not only does not affect the outline of the hairstyle, but also gives a unique impression.

Girlish pink pupils and cold tights have a completely different temperament. The design of complex conflict is very eye-catching.

The female samurai also comes with a revealing head sculpture as an alternative. Cold, distant expressions are also Neco’s usual style.

The perspective from behind is more detailed. Staggered strap design is very durable. The two straps at the hips accentuate the curves of the body

High lacquered leather boots outline a pair of slender legs that very beautiful! She still exudes sex appeal even though she’s covered up.

The inside of the hemline can be seen the meticulous carving of red checked lining, even in the corner of the wicker nails.

The armor has a thick, cold texture like cast iron. Both samurai swords are beautifully

detailed. You can tell from the hilt that one is classical and the other is modern.

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