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Fashionable Miyamoto Frederica

Every work in ALTER’s THE IDOLM@STER series is fantastic! Recently, a Fashionable Miyamoto Frederica Ver is debuting!

The work is 23 cm high. The shape comes from the card of game SSR. The design full of fashion sense has visual sense of My Dress-Up Darling. The gorgeous costumes are amazing!

Her slender body was girlish. The white arm was raised to reveal details under the armpit. The plaid skirt with lots of accessories and black stockings are gorgeous and sexy!

Fashionable clothes are the biggest attraction. Delicate plaid patterns show the high taste of French ancestry. The flounces before the chest decorated the figure appropriately. Gorgeous lace and exquisite accessories are exquisite!

The bosom line with slight heave below lace is natural and lovely. Her doll-like face, delicate makeup and perfect expression are very nice. Pretty blonde hair and green pupils are very fashionable. She’s like a little princess.

The pose under the armpit is very eye-catching. She knows how to use her charm, a skill Miyamoto Frederica must have as an idol!

ALTER’s depiction of lace is so exquisite that it can even be disguised as real! Each button has a clear design of heart. The work in the studio is very detailed!

ALTER’s performance of black stockings is also delicate. The change in shadow paint for black stockings is very real! There are black lines on the side of the legs. This is one of the most perfect black stockings I’ve ever seen!

In the back view, you can even see the details of the netting pattern at the knee! The lace pattern on the girl’s back is also worth a look. Again, I marveled at ALTER’s meticulousness.

In our shop book this work, you can get exclusive special SSR original card of THE IDOLM@STER! It’s nice to play with the garage kit.

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