Elite Four Zukan Series Mega/Super-ancient Cosplay Pikachu & Gigantamax Gengar – Pokemon Resin Statue – QN Studios [Pre-Order]

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  • QN Studios
  • PU + Resin
  • Lapras Cosplay Pikachu’s Size:3cm Estimated
  • Set Version:H7 * L11cm Estimated
  • Time-Limited
  • Shipping Date:Q1 2021 Estimated


  • Gengar Set 1 includes Mega Gengar Cosplay Pikachu + Gigantamax Gengar + Zukan Base (with Zapdos Badge + Rainbow + Pink Badge) + Phoebe’s Battle Zone
  • Gengar Set 2 includes Super-ancient Cosplay Pikachu + Shiny Gigantamax Gengar + Zukan Base (with Zapdos Badge + Rainbow + Pink Badge) + Phoebe’s Battle Zone
  • Place an order with both sets in Early Bird Discount period will be given an extra special bonus:Halloween White Gengar Cosplay Pikachu.


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      Mega Gengar Cosplay Pikachu, Super-ancient Cosplay Pikachu, Halloween White Gengar Cosplay Pikachu, Gengar Set 1, Gengar Set 2