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Crazy beauty!

LingYu Studios opened an order for a 1/6 Kugisaki Nobara from Jujutsu Kaisen the other day. Modelling comes from Kugisaki Nobara against Kechizu with all powers to weave“Hairpin”. The beautiful and bloody look is amazing.

The work is 31 centimeters high. Modelling comes from the handsome final blow of wartime! Natural and unrestrained standing posture and Kechizu killed by Hairpin immediately has formed a strong contrast. The overall picture has a strong visual impact.

This battle was the high point of Kugisaki Nobara. Although it was deleted in the comics. But Kugisaki Nobara’s handsome is frozen in this statue!

Compared with the shape in the animation, the expression in the statue is more vivid. The aggressive gesture and the big mouth behind the back can show the tense atmosphere.

The black roses on his arms and face were beautifully painted. This is echoed by the blood-coloured roses behind them, which add a brutal and unique aesthetic to the piece.

Black silk is also a highlight! The holes on silk stockings caused in the battle is super sexy. The slender lines of leg are also portrayed very well.

According to the preview, the next work in Jujutsu Kaisen will be Otogu Yuta! It is also worth looking forward to!

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