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Cowboy Bebop : To all the old cowboys who are indulging in the dream of 24 years ago!

GSC has recently released a 1/48 scale model of swordfish II. The whole body is movable and equipped with LED light effect. There’s even a detachable escape pod and a Spike model built in.

As a 10-year CB fan, I’m really excited! I fell in love with fried pork with green pepper without meat because of an animation. I fantasized about drinking a bitter cocktail in a bluesy atmosphere, watching a brilliant red streak from the Bebop across the sky. Twenty-four years after the cowboy aired, I finally see You Cowboy!

The work is 36 centimeters long. Work contains sublead alloy material. The first edition was made in 2019 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Cowboy Bebop. It has been four years since first release.

As the most elaborate model of swordfish II to date. The old smokey metal coating can be seen on the fuselage. Nose and metallic primer have wear effect. The delicate rivets between the metal plates are also exquisite.

The clean look is infused with a sense of speed and practical aesthetics. A one-man cockpit, powerful single-engine thrusters and a huge cannon barrel protruding from the underside of the fuselage are all classic features of swordfish II.

As in the anime, the plasma cannon can rotate and contract. The contrast between powerful firepower and lightweight fuselage is striking.

The wings can also be folded up and the landing gear lowered to pose as it was stored in Gnacu in the anime.

Flaps on the side of the wings can be lifted to reveal the mechanical structure inside. The cockpit cover is also an open design. Inside are spherical, self-contained escape pods.

What’s even more amazing is that the cockpit can be taken out and opened right and left! There’s not just a console inside, but a tiny mini-Speck.

In front view, Speck can be seen through the cabin glass.

Both lights on the front of the fuselage can be lit.

The engine jets at the tail also glow! When lit up, you can see the blue and white jet effect, which is very cool!

It can be seen from the pictures of the players that the light effect before and after is obviously different color. The light from the tail flame hits the wall like an engine starts.

The engine housing is a retractable design. The cover of the nozzle can be closed completely when the machine is stopped for storage.

Now let’s enjoy the first version of Swordfish II shot by our friends.

As a 24-year-old work, The romanticism of Cowboy Bebop represents one of the pinnacles of Japanese animation. Most of the audience burst into tears when Yoko Kanno’s See You Space Cowboy came on and swordfish II’s engine started!

Men are stupid, but they are also romantic creatures. This romance has nothing to do with women. In the Cowboy Bebop, every man can see his own shadow.

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