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Black Christmas: The ordered time of Sexy maids is limited!

On Christmas Eve, Chinese CG artist Louis (LouLL_ AroLL) launched a limited-edition print work – Black Xmas. The theme of the work is selected from his most famous maid image. The realistic CG images are beautiful. The work is full of sexl and classical texture.

The dimensions of the picture are 70×50 cm. It was framed in an aluminum alloy frame and shipped in wooden cases. The dark room is alluring with their glossy, delicate black silk.

Their faces were sweet and beautiful. The luster of the eyes and lips is very realistic! It’s very telling.

The maid’s dress, embellished with lace and gauze, was also made in CG. Every detail was carefully crafted by Louis.

CG generated the exquisite texture of black silk and beautiful legs is very realistic. The color is very amazing when the shimmer hit the legs!

In addition to the Black Christmas, Louis is also known for CG of theme of laid . Here are some of his classic works for you to understand.

From the above two four-panel pictures, we can see Louis gradually processing the light and shadow effect of the picture.

Louis is very good at creating CG with the light feeling like classical academic oil painting. The scene arrangement of the work also has the style of oil painting. It also fits well with his European maid genre.

With sexy black silk and maid dress, Louis really knows what people are thinking! The details are really fascinating.

Here is Louis’s work with real people. The beautiful picture makes the boundary between real and unreal no longer clear.

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