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Bayonetta: What a sexy body!

Acy Studio opened an order for the first version of Bayonetta before the Spring Festival, and immediately after the holidays opened an order for a short-haired Bayonetta 2!

The work is 47 cm high. Long legs wrapped in black tights are glamorous. She’s as sexy as the original version. The crisp cut is more creative than the classic version.

Special pistols have been switched from scarborough fair to four Loveisblue. The clothes is more gorgeous than the original. Intricate silver markings were added to the front and thighs.

The body is sexy under the fine tights. A high chest, belly, sunken navel and full legs are all worth savoring.

Although there is a ribbon on the chest, but the side view of the curve is still very attractive! The graceful curve of the back is very attractive.

The short hair and black-framed glasses are nice. The winking expression is sexy and cute.

One of the most famous big legs in gaming history, this work’s long and graceful legs are textbook! The silver-edged heels are more ornate than the originals. This rich detail also makes the work more delicate.

Acy is also very careful in her portrayal of the shape of high heels. Neat lines is carved powerfully. The golden pattern on the deep Loveisblue behind the feet is very textured.

The diamond-shaped hollow design of the buttocks and legs is the highlight of the rear view. Acy’s flesh-colored gradients can also be seen near the hip line to accentuate the silhouette.

In a nod to the original black Panther, there is a magical raven. The crow’s crown and wing metal rings are clearly visible in the close-up image. The details of the work are very wonderful!

The LED on the platform has also been upgraded. Acy revealed that electronic modules will be added to achieve flicker effect.

In addition to the regular version described above, the Deluxe edition comes with an additional full nude replacement! I can’t show you here. But the work is really worth buying!

Pre-order will get an exclusive Japanese authentic female actor card! The picture content is very nice. Limited quantity. First come first serve.

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