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Ayanami Rei: She shines like a pearl in the moonlight!

WAVE’s Dream Tech collection recently opened an order for a Ayanami Rei wearing a white EVA driving suit and holding a Lance Longini. This work is divided into ordinary version and the limited version with pearl painting. A special Japanese EVA collection card is also available for booking at Just Toys.

The set of work has Ayanami Rei and Asuka. They can make a comparison. The studio firstly ordered Ayanami Rei, and will announce the official chart of Asuka later.

The work is 35 cm high. The standing posture has unique quiet beauty. The slender figure in the moonlight is very nice. The eyes with lonely mood have the style of EVA.

WAVE is very good at showing the body of the work. The pose is simple, but the gun on the two arms and the slight tilt of the head are carefully considered. The whole shape is as beautiful and delicate as a classic oil painting.

The color scheme for the normal version is shown above. Pure white EVA driving suit is close to the common garage kits of Ayanami Rei.

The limited version of EVANGELION STORE is even more amazing! The whole body up and down added pearl color painting. Not only is it more delicate in texture, but the delicate light and shadow accentuate Ayanami’s perfect figure.

The whole body is covered in pearls. The delicate texture of every inch of skin is worth savoring. Especially round breasts and smooth legs are very good under light and shadow !

The smooth curves from the waist down to the thighs are aesthetically pleasing. The smooth modeling and pearlescent painting together will produce overlapping visual effects

Slim waists and tight hips also look sexy under the shine of the tights.

From the side view, Ayanami Rei’s lightness can be felt from her tiptoe. It will also elongate the figure.

When it comes to the visual beauty of height, the Lance Longini over 30cm is absolutely stunning. The slender, blood-red barrel has the distinctive sanctity of a religious relic. It makes a perfect match with Ayanami Rei in white.

Pre-order any version of Ayanami at “Just Toys” and you will receive an exclusive shop special and original EVA drawing card. The cards are randomly distributed. There will be a surprise when you get it!

In addition to Ayanami Rei, WAVE’s Asuka has also released a prototype. Asuka with Lance Longini can pair up with Ayanami Rei. This combination must be great! Asuka can also be pre-ordered in the store. The booking method is below.

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