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Fashionable Miyamoto Frederica

Every work in ALTER’s THE IDOLM@STER series is fantastic! Recently, a Fashionable Miyamoto Frederica Ver is debuting! The work is 23 cm high. The shape comes from the card of game SSR. The design full of fashion sense has visual sense of My Dress-Up Darling. The gorgeous costumes are amazing! Her slender body was girlish. […]

Fiora Laurent The Grand Duelist: She has a sharp sword and eyes!

Infinity Studios today opened an order for Fiora Laurent The Grand Duelist from League of Legends. The shape of the work is selected from the new version skin painting of Fiora Laurent The Grand Duelist. It limited the quantity of 699. The statue is 49 centimeters high. The architectural scene of the Kingdom of Demacia in […]

Alice: A brilliant music composed by crystal dress and Sword Art Online!

SSF recently opened an order for crystal dress ver. Alice in Sword Art Online Holding the sword and dancing is elegant and gorgeous. The work is 35 cm high. In the picture, the exquisite blue dress and thousands of sakura made up of numerous gold laurel dance around Alice. The luxurious gold base is visually stunning. The peplum […]

A maid stretching herself. A sexy garage kit.

New domestic brand QianQiu animation recently opened the order for the first work of the OTAKU series – stretching girl. Sexy body is lovely and charming. An abundance of accessories can pose interesting scenes. The work is 1/7 scale. In order to express the dim and soft light in the morning, the work adopts a […]

Holiday maid Monica Tesia:

The eyes are glass. Eyelashes are handmade. Breast is silicone material ! Polaris Studios has opened an order for an original design for Monica Tesia, the holiday maid, a 1/4 statue. The whole work is made of PU material. Eyes are made of glass. Eyelashes are planted by hand. The boobs are silicone! The work […]

LUNA: Little sister is wearing sneakers, a slit skirt, and a mask!

AstrumDesign will opened an order for the first sneaker X High Slit X Mask LUNA in the “Mask Alliance” series created by artist YD next Wednesday. The girl in black stockings and tights is very exciting! The work is 25 cm high. The silhouette of the tights and masks is unique. Fashionable coats and sneakers […]

Bayonetta: What a sexy body!

Acy Studio opened an order for the first version of Bayonetta before the Spring Festival, and immediately after the holidays opened an order for a short-haired Bayonetta 2! The work is 47 cm high. Long legs wrapped in black tights are glamorous. She’s as sexy as the original version. The crisp cut is more creative […]

Gorgeous bridal styling is beautiful!

Figma has released a bridal garage kit of Saber Nero from FGO. Gorgeous costumes and cute expression make people lovely and beautiful. Accessories include a sword Asus sus and a bouquet of white roses. The work is 15 cm high. Elaborate wedding veil and skirt are more complex styles in the Figma series. The white tunic is nicely painted. The […]

The size of No.2 is stunning!

Following in the footsteps of the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York, MIMEYOI’s Blue Line racing Girl series has opened an order for a new GK – IJN Taihō. This piece can’t be naked, but still very sexy. I won’t go into the details here. Anyone who has bought MIMEYOI knows its quality. In addition […]

The first work of P1S that enters the field of garage kits!

P1S recently launched a new line called “PRISMA WING.” It intends to officially enter the world of proportional garage kits! The series released heavyweight IP works such as Date A Live, Fate kaleid liner, Jobless Reincarnation, takt op.Destiny, Sword Art Online. Today, let’s take a look at PRISMAWING’s first work — Hatsune Miku. The work […]

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