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Arale with Airplane : A combat maiden who soars above the clouds with Norimaki!

Black Cat Studio is opening an order for the Arale with Airplane today. It limited the quantity of 150. They’ll sell out any minute.

The work is 24 cm high. It’s fun to wave on an airplane. The plane’s landing gear was attached to Arale’s roller skates. There are also rainbows, small planes and Norimaki on the platform. The layering and detail of the shape are very wonderful.

As you can see from the parts drawing, the production of this work is very complicated. The small number of works is also to ensure the quality of each work.

Bright colors match the style of animation. The strong color contrast is a great complement to Arale’s naive personality.

Norimaki is also very cute. Both were wearing pilot helmets. Their happy flying in the clouds is impressive.

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