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Alice: A brilliant music composed by crystal dress and Sword Art Online!

SSF recently opened an order for crystal dress ver. Alice in Sword Art Online Holding the sword and dancing is elegant and gorgeous.

The work is 35 cm high. In the picture, the exquisite blue dress and thousands of sakura made up of numerous gold laurel dance around Alice. The luxurious gold base is visually stunning.

The peplum of skirt adopts transparent pearlescent gradual change painting. In the light, it has a delicate satin color. The blue dress is perfect for the girl’s white skin and blonde hair. The shape of the dance is like the arrival of an angel.

The details of the dress were also nice. The hair ornaments, neck, chest and sash were made up of numerous gold cassia! They are shiny and gorgeous in metallic paint.

A fresh smile is very charming. In the clear blue pupil, you can see her inner firm faith and cheerful personality.

The dance of Alice, the skirt that float in the sky is placed and countless gold laurel composed a piece of grace and luxuriant movement jointly. Every element is handled perfectly.

The flowing hair and the golden osmanthus flowers dancing around her are the biggest attraction of ther work. SSF’s work has always been known for its special effects. The special effects of Alice are gorgeous and stunning, but they’re not obtrusive.

In a 360-degree view, we can see the flying laurel in an S-curve from Alice’s front to her feet. From the flying skirt, we can see the girl’s slender legs and golden heels.

From behind, the golden braids look lovely. The sword in her hand is also exquisite. The edge of the pattern on the sword is sharp and clear.

Dancing Alice is supported by a heavy and royal double pedestal. The gold and blue base is Alice’s symbolic color scheme. The middle of the platform also depicts a huge golden laurel.

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