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A maid stretching herself. A sexy garage kit.

New domestic brand QianQiu animation recently opened the order for the first work of the OTAKU series – stretching girl. Sexy body is lovely and charming. An abundance of accessories can pose interesting scenes.

The work is 1/7 scale. In order to express the dim and soft light in the morning, the work adopts a large number of transparent pieces. The shirt showing skin in the light and the fading ends of the hair are very beautiful

The blouse with only one button showed the girl’s full bosom. The pink flounces are lovely. Underwear and the whole garage kit are suitable. That is soft and warm.

The shirt is translucent and matte. The shirt has a powdery texture against the skin. As the hands are raised and the waist is stretched, the shirt takes on a natural pull.

Through a slit in the shirt, we could see a slender waist. The shirt is still detachable. You can take off her shirt to show off her sexy body!

The yawning expression is very vivid and lovely. The blurred eyes with tears are very confused. Red cheeks and tiger teeth are the finishing touch.

Fluffy hair, confused eyes and messy clothes are nice designs! This is a sexy and cute garage kit!

Pink underwear could be seen under the lapel! The flounces and small bows are delicate and girlish.

Waterfall of long hair and shirt cover the delicate round buttocks! The shape of the finger tip is also nice. This position is very similar to the orchid finger.

The smooth foot lines are delicate and beautiful. The pink skin exudes a sweet smell.

In addition to the gorgeous girly figure, the doll comes with a blanket base, a bookcase, a game console, slippers, cat and comic books. These ornaments can create a nice atmosphere!

1/7 scale accessories are rare. Some props can also be placed with other garage kits. The work is rich in playability.

The cat is very interesting among the accessories. Her chubby figure and pettish expression are very vivid. We can also see the two pink pads on the bottom of his feet!

The comic books and Switch console in the scene also fit the theme of the garage kit.

There are also fluffy white round pads. Soft and soothing painting style with the breath of the morning! Gentlemen can also put some sex toys around, which is a different kind of painting…

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