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Hatsune Miku glorious youth : The best garage kit of the year.

When it comes to the best garage kit of the year, I’m sure many of you will vote for Myethos’ Hatsune GK Statue. This recently shipped work is highly praised. Player’s return figure even better than official figure!

Let’s take a look at this work. Players who have not made a reservation can purchase the product at the link at the end of the article if you are interested.

The delicate and elegant Chinese scene and the exquisite and beautiful girl figure are very charming. She is charming without being overly sexy, and has a sweet homely air.

The characterization of the legs is excellent. The work perfectly presents the squeezing feeling between the skin and the seat, and the subtle curvature between the straight and slender legs and the feet.

The vivid teal pupil is very attractive! The gentle expression lets a person be intoxicated.

The patterns on the cheongsam and fans are very Chinese. The plum blossom in bonsai also added warmth to the cold winter.

The facial expression after removing the fan is very nice. She must be the perfect creation of the year! Face as peach blossom and skin as congealing fat of the charming feeling is vivid.

Socks also have a translucent finish. And you can see dark floral details on it.

The silky hair is really beautiful.

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